Out-of-Hours Pharmacy Schedule – Apotheek Oud Zuid – Amsterdam

Welkom op de website van apotheek Oud-Zuid!

Apotheek Oud-Zuid maakt zich samen met de huisartsen en Atal/Medial in het Medisch Centrum Roelof Hart (MCRH) sterk, om de zorg rondom de patiënt in de buurt en in de wijk naar een hoger niveau te brengen.


Gerard Terborgstraat 46
1071 TP Amsterdam

Tel: 020 662 5060
E-mail: oudzuid@medicijnmanapotheek.nl

Out-of-Hours Pharmacy Schedule

We are located at:

Gerard Terborghstraat 46, 1071 TP Amsterdam
Tel: 020 6625060
E-mail: info@apotheekoudzuid.nl

Opening hours evenings, nights and weekends

Opening hours on working days

All pharmacies are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 on working days. An increasing number of pharmacies, however, have extended their opening times to evenings and weekends. Please check with your pharmacy.

Evenings, nights, weekends and public holidays

Every evening, weekend and public holiday there are always six out-of-hours pharmacies open in the greater Amsterdam area. One late night pharmacy is open between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am.

At these out-of-hours and late night pharmacies you can only pick up emergency medication that you absolutely need immediately. These pharmacies charge more than your usual pharmacy, and always ask for an emergency prescription from the doctor on call. For regular prescriptions or other products, just see your own pharmacy.

– You always need a prescription from the doctor on call.

– Always bring a valid health insurance card. The out-of-hours pharmacy can then expense your medication to your insurer, which will always first apply your deductible.

– Some pharmacies require you to pay immediately, either in cash or by debit card.