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Welkom op de website van apotheek Oud-Zuid!

Apotheek Oud-Zuid maakt zich samen met de huisartsen en Atal/Medial in het Medisch Centrum Roelof Hart (MCRH) sterk, om de zorg rondom de patiënt in de buurt en in de wijk naar een hoger niveau te brengen.


Gerard Terborgstraat 46
1071 TP Amsterdam

Tel: 020 662 5060


We provide a wide range of services. You can find our contact details at our homepage.

Pharmacy Services

This page contains information on the care offered by our pharmacy, and online care in particular.

Safe Medication

Pharmacies are responsible for the safe use of medication. To do our work right, we need information. Not just personal details (like your birth date and gender) but also information on any medicines you take and on any clinical pictures. This helps us to avoid certain side effects or providing different medicines that cannot be taken at the same time or other mistakes.

Patient Identity

We can only help patients whose identity we can establish. Otherwise it is impossible for us to guarantee safe medication use. For this we need at least your full name and date of birth, and possibly your address. We treat your personal data strictly confidentially, and only within the pharmacy. We use your data to locate your medication records.

Medication Records

Your medication records contain your personal data like your name, address, gender and possibly the address for delivery. The records also contain the medicines you currently take and have taken in the past, as well as any clinical pictures or sensitivity to certain medication. All this information helps us safeguard safe medication use.

Providing Medication Data

Pharmacies are required to provide the medication data in patient medication records to the patient in question. Please contact the pharmacy if you would like us to forward your data to you or to other care providers. We provide information with due observance of the privacy laws. We can only transfer medication data to other care providers with your consent.

Requesting Additional Information

If there are valid reasons (for instance because there are medication data missing), the pharmacy will ask you and other care providers for additional information to guarantee safe medication use.

Patient Responsibility

Patients are responsible for supplying their personal details and changes in those data, information on the medicines they take and any clinical pictures. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, pharmacies cannot  guarantee the safe use of medication. Make sure you notify your pharmacy as soon as possible of any changes in your situation.

Health Questions

Providing you with the best possible care is our priority. You have several ways of contacting us if you have questions: by telephone, by e-mail and personally, at the pharmacy.  On our website you can find background information on medication, side effects, medical conditions, etcetera. In our pharmacy we have a special private consultation room for extensive medical consultations, delicate matters, or more complex issues.

Online Questions:

You can ask questions via this website or by e-mail. If something is not clear, the pharmacy will contact you. We always try to answer your questions within a reasonable term. If you do not get a reply, please contact us as this may be due to technical issues.

Medication Consultation

You are welcome to our pharmacy for a personal consultation. We have a special consultation room for your privacy. It is best to make an appointment first.


Valid Prescriptions

These are prescriptions given and signed by a doctor or a repeat prescription given by a pharmacy. (Repeat) prescriptions may not be older than one year. If we have any questions about prescriptions, we will contact the prescriber.

Collecting Prescriptions

We only fill prescriptions once we have received the prescription (from you or your doctor). Once we have received and checked the prescription you can come to pick up your medicines or we will deliver the medicines to you. If you send us your prescription by e-mail or fax, we can start preparing your order, but you should know that prescriptions sent by fax or by e-mail are not official prescriptions. You must always bring or send us the originals. Many local doctors fax us their prescriptions and send us the originals later.

Unknown Patients

To safeguard the safe use of medication, we will always ask patients we do not know:
– For additional information;  and
– Refer them to a pharmacy near them.

Forged Prescriptions

Prescriptions from unknown care providers and/or prescriptions offered online can be easily forged, and are a risk to safe medication use. If we get a prescription from a prescriber we do not know, we will first verify the signature, and if necessary contact the prescriber.

Emergency Prescriptions

If you need your medication immediately, it is best to come to the pharmacy. Please check the out-of-hours schedule to see which local pharmacy is open.

Foreign Prescriptions

Our pharmacy does not fill foreign prescriptions that have been sent via the website. If you are in the Netherlands, please go and see a local doctor first and then come by our pharmacy.

Prescriptions in accordance with KNMG Guidelines

Our pharmacy fills prescriptions given by a doctor after an online consultation  only if the prescribing doctor follows the guideline on Online Doctor-Patient Contact of the Royal Dutch Medical Association (‘KNMG’).

Costs and Payment

Costs of Online Services

Our pharmacy does not charge extra for online services.


There is no extra charge if you order online.

Collection or Delivery of Medication

You can either pick up your medicines from our pharmacy or we will have them delivered to you the same day.

Please contact us if you would like to use our delivery service. Our pharmacy meets all requirements set for the delivery of medication.

You can collect emergency medication immediately from our pharmacy or the out-of-hours pharmacy (check the schedule).

Protection of Personal Data


All data are treated confidentially and used only within the pharmacy, in accordance with privacy laws.

Protection of Patient Records

Patient data are exchanged via a secure internet connection that complies with NEN 7510.


Our pharmacy works according to the Dutch Pharmacy Standards (‘NAN’), which provides for a special guideline on online services. This website complies with this guideline on ‘Online Pharmaceutical Care and Services’. If you would like to know more about NAN and the guideline, please go to  (Dutch only).


Although great care has been taken in compiling this website, the pharmacy and KNMP are not liable for any loss caused by any inaccuracies.